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Why Choose Us

Consulting with a purpose: the Emeralds focus on navigating through the changing socio-political climate in Europe and its impact on society, markets/businesses and the way of working.

Partnership on an equal footing: independent individuals joining diverse skillsets, creativity, cultures and experience to a strong team that delivers you innovative results

Adhering to the highest standards: the Emeralds strive for utmost excellence, whilst placing highest emphasis on integrity, transparency and sustainability

Who We Are

Dr. Irina Michalowitz

Dr. Irina Michalowitz

Founding Partner

Business & Public Affairs


Cristina Zygomalas

Cristina Zygomalas

Founding Partner

Communication & Marketing


Natalie Sarkic-Todd

Natalie Sarkic-Todd

Founding Partner

CSR & Sustainability


Dr. Julia Stamm

Dr. Julia Stamm

Founding Partner

Science & Society


Behind the Story

The Emeralds have come together to combine our already successful independent forces in a partnership on an equal footing.

Emeralds as gem stones stand for energy, vitality and new beginnings, just as much as for clarity and focus, and for a strong connection with our partners – exactly what our consulting approach is about. Integrity, transparency and sustainability are central to our beliefs. “Behind the story” is where we offer you a glimpse into our way of working and what that could mean for your future collaboration with us. You can share our joy and resulting determination in our first teambuilding, our hard work to arrive at a common understanding of how we work together, and how teamwork in general actually develops. You will also learn about our approach to the services and areas of expertise, whether on sustainable policymaking, corporate social responsibility or the connection between science and society.

We would be delighted if you stay tuned and watch this space – best by signing up for our newsletter.

Our Services

Regulatory Advice and Public Affairs Advocacy

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Politics is handled by people –it is our job to know them, and to bridge the gap between your needs and their intentions.

A deep understanding of political and regulatory processes is essential for achieving your goals – with us, you will always be on top of the game.

Association and Membership Management

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Sometimes you can achieve more when joining forces with like-minded individuals, corporations or organizations.

You can rely on us for all managerial, administrative, marketing and interest representation services.

We will develop, engage with, and maintain your membership base.

Are you looking for funding opportunities? We are here to help.

EU Funding Support

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EU funding programmes are a relevant source of income – yet hard to access successfully and manage efficiently.

But it can be done: with patience, commitment and a little luck. The outcome can be of high strategic importance.

We can help in navigating the complex EU funding architecture, selecting the suitable programme and partners.

We have long-standing expertise in Horizon2020, LIFE, Media Grants, COSME, Development and Cooperation.

Business Development

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Developing your business across Europe requires a thorough understanding of the market for your products and services, of your target groups and their needs, and the best way to reach out and to present yourself. Working with us means:

  • You will get to know your most interested target groups
  • Your business presentation speaks to your prospective clients‘ needs
  • Your reach moves beyond your existing network, be it into new sectors, a new environment, or into new cultures and markets

Communication and Marketing

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Every company, association or institution needs to communicate. Together, we identify the reference market or area of intervention, analyse it thoroughly and develop a marketing and communication strategy tailored to our clients` needs.

Creativity doesn`t just happen but is often the result of this process, sometimes adding a dash of courage and imagination.

We can deliver on all the above.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability

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Our understanding of Social Responsibility and Sustainability requires looking at a situation in the round, with the aim to achieve an improvement for everyone affected by it.

We help you to:

  • understand and influence EU regulation and policymaking in   this context
  • develop and integrate business-oriented CSR programmes tailored to your company and stakeholders
  • minimise business risks and maximise opportunities
  • ensure compliance with non-financial reporting rulescommunicate your CSR and sustainability achievements
  • plan ahead to prepare for next challenges

Science & Society Relations

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We help you better understand the relationship between science, society and policy, through:

  • Stakeholder engagement & analysis
  • Background briefings
  • Studies and reports
  • Project evaluation
  • Impact analysis

Comprehensively assessing the benefits, risks and uncertainties that new science and technology presents for society is a key – but most complex – priority for research institutes, policy-makers and businesses. We help you through

  • Studies and reports
  • Convening of workshops
  • Best-practice reviews

Training / Mentoring

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We offer tailored seminars on the following topics:

  • Negotiation
  • EU Public Affairs
  • CSR
  • EU Funding
  • Networking
  • Professional Communication
  • Leadership
  • Women and Leadership
  • Advocacy

Latest News

Websummit 2019: Takeaways for Public Affairs and Politics

Websummit 2019: Takeaways for Public Affairs and Politics

The Lisbon Web Summit is considered globally the most important and biggest gathering of start-ups and other stakeholders in the technology world – and we have been there. Here’s our take on what it is about, who it is for, how to make it worth your while, and what politics and public affairs have to do with it.

A change is gonna come

A change is gonna come

Not many people outside the food and beverage sector know about ANUGA, which turned 100 this year. Whilst it is difficult to imagine it squeezed between two world wars, economic depressions, totalitarianism, a divided Germany and Europe, it...

Women in Politics in Europe – finally a big leap forward

Women in Politics in Europe – finally a big leap forward

It is time to write some words about women in politics and positions of power in the European Union. After a rather long drought period, we see women enter with force the top level of EU jobs. So what does this mean in terms of the future policy development of the European Union?


Our Combined References




Astra Zeneca, British Gas
Kellogg`s, Kraft
Lucent Technologies, Microsoft
ÖBB, Orange
Siemens, Telekom Austria


Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)
Electric Handdryers Association
European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT)


Central European University
Centre Marc Bloch
Ecologic Institute
Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA)
Vienna University
Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
FHK Campus Vienna

Cities & Regions

Visit Berlin

EU Institutions & Politics

European Commission
European Parliament
Alliance of Liberal Democrats in Europe (ALDE)


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)
Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Rue Charles Martel 5, 1000 Brussels

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Cristina : +32(0)475.67.52.75
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